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How To Increase Your Visibility On Instagram: 7 Cracking SEO Tips

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Instagram is the leading social media network with more than 2 billion monthly active users. When a business uses Instagram, it guarantees a 100% success rate by boosting your followers count. Gain the view of more audiences by publishing regular and quality content. 

Instagram optimization is the major phenomenon to increase sales. Get visible on Instagram by increasing your potential followers. Implementing SEO on Instagram brings you permanent development in your online business.

Moreover, Instagram SEO is slightly different then Google SEO. This guide provides you with the perfect SEO tips that boost your Instagram account.

1. Optimize Your Profile

The Instagram algorithm works slightly similar to Google that shows the most relevant profile to the audiences based on their searches. The search results on Instagram depend on the accounts you connect with. 

So, optimize your profile by providing the primary keyword on the username, description, and on the bio. If you have a brand name, it is better to assign it as a username for easy identification.

2. Keyword-Rich Captions

Instagram has an explore page where the videos stream according to your interest. If you want your video to take place on the explore page, include hashtags and keywords on the captions. The algorithm on the explore page identifies your account with relevant keywords. 

Attractive captions have a higher tendency to attract your target audiences. So, providing captions with the right keywords optimize your video on Instagram search results.

3. Think Hashtags As Keywords

Hashtags play a major role in finding your content on Instagram. Using keywords as hashtags helps to discover your content. Tag your each post with the niche-relevant hashtag and attract the right audiences. Do keyword research and use the keyword as hashtags.

Though Instagram allows you to include 30 hashtags, it is sufficient to use five to six keywords for excellent performance.

4. Encourage Tagging

Boost your visibility on Instagram by increasing account tagging. Encourage your audience to tag your account on their post. Maintain a good relationship with your users and ask them to tag you. Also, retag those posts or provide giveaways to attract them towards your account.

Retag a post on Instagram stories that your audience tag your account. Boost the tagging number to gain the account visibility.

5. No Black-Hat SEO

Since SEO is a long-time but permanent winning technique, it requires great and accurate effort to increase your account visibility on Instagram. Some business people will not wait for the result and they require immediate results. So, they move on the black-hat SEO where you will gain faster results but are temporary. 

Black-hat SEO may lead to the loss of authenticity for your business. To keep your business growth permanent, it is better to use the best private blog network backlinks to increase your profile visibility within a short time. 

6. Use Alt Text

Instagram has an additional feature to include alternative text on your content. The alt text is used to describe your image in detail. The algorithm reads your image description with a screen reader and helps users to find your content easily. Alt text helps to enhance your account visibility to impaired users. 

Though Instagram generates automatic alt text, it is better to edit the alt text by giving unique information about your content. An engaging alt text attracts relevant audiences to your page and increases your potential followers. 

7. Analyze & Track Performance

Know the impact of SEO efforts on your Instagram account to measure your success rate. If your Instagram account is a business account, Instagram provides an inbuilt tool to analyze your performance that helps to gain potential growth. 

The in-built analysis is a great pathway to find the insights for individual posts. This tool helps to provide reports of competitor analysis and your followers insights to track the performance.

5 Proven Instagram Reels Strategies To Increase Followers 

Instagram recently launched a new exciting feature, Instagram Reels. It is similar to stories but has various features like speed control, video editing, and combining multiple videos. However, it is a 30 seconds short video that is added to the Instagram explore feed. This means that non-followers also can view your videos when your Instagram account is public.

Instagram reels are a perfect way to share your ideas and talents and even promote your business with a huge audience. Let us take a deeper glance at how to grow your Instagram audience and boost engagement on your reels. 

#1. Make Unique and Attractive Content

People always look out for compelling content on any social media platform.  Also, people do not forget what they see. Hence, creating engaging videos is vital to getting more followers on Instagram. 

As we discussed above, reels are 30-second short videos, so it is essential to make the content catchy from the beginning and boost your audience to watch it till the end. Also, it is essential to make the audience watch your reels repeatedly. With this, your reels will pop up in the featured tag. 

#2. Post Reels Consistently

Posting  Instagram reels regularly plays a vital role in increasing Instagram followers. Sharing two reels every day will increase your followers’ base and helps you to improve your reels’ engagement. If you are not getting enough engagement you want, do not panic, I’m here to show you how to get likes on Instagram reels and maximize engagement in a matter of minutes. 

  • Do trending challenges on Instagram
  • Share behind the scenes
  • Repurpose trending videos
  • Share high-quality, compelling videos
  • Make a catchy introductory part
  • Add popular songs and sound to your video

Posting interesting reels will tempt your audience to know what you will post next. It is the perfect way to boost your followers and increase your engagement rate on Instagram. 

#3. Adding Hashtags

Since many people use keywords to search, adding hashtags to your reels is the perfect way to increase the number of viewers on your Instagram profile. When you add a hashtag in your reels, it will pop up in the reels section and help you to gain more followers on Instagram. 

Adding related hashtags and having an impressive cover photo will play a vital role in increasing reels’ likes and views. Setting an eye catchy cover photo will boost your viewers to watch it till the end. 

#4. Share Reels To Your Instagram Story

Posting Instagram reels to your stories will not increase your follower count, but it publicizes your reach. “Share reels to share,” create compelling content, and make the audience share your post with people who are not following you. 

The more your content is shared on Instagram, the more new people will likely follow your account. Grasp the user’s attention by creating unique, engaging content using the Instagram reels feature. 

#5. Show Your Brand Identity

It is essential to show your audience who you are and about your business. Instagram reels are the best way to tell a story about your business in a short and shareable format. 

The glow-up reel is a trending strategy right now. With this, you can show your business growth, where you come from, and where you are today in a short time-lapse. It will help you to build a strong connection between you and your audience. 

#6. Engage With Your Audience

One of the most effective ways to increase your follower count is by engaging with your current followers. Replying to and liking the comments is the most valuable tool to improve reel engagement. 

Interacting with your audience will attract a new audience to follow your Instagram account. Replying to the comments regularly will build trust with your audience about you or your business. 


Many businesses and entrepreneurs post reel videos on Instagram to boost their brand visibility and increase sales. Use the above six proven Instagram reels strategy to attract a new audience to your Instagram profile and to explore your account reach.