An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Stories

They want to know, “What’s new on Instagram?” “Where do you see Instagram going?” or “What can I do to increase Instagram following?

Yes, you are correct in saying that. Instagram Stories are not only popular now, but also growing in influence and significance. More users opt to watch videos than read feeds. So, how does this affect you? And how should you make the most of this function to expand your following and sway? Get ready to crush your Instagram stories as we break down the why, what, and how of sharing.

Instagram Stories: what are they?

Instagram Stories is a tool that allows users to upload photographs and videos in a slideshow style for just 24 hours before they expire forever. It’s a space for more unfiltered, in-the-moment sharing, separate from users’ meticulously curated galleries. You may personalise your stories in a variety of ways by using the available filters, text, sketching, interactive stickers, tags, music, and more! Every day, more functions are added.

Exactly what is the significance of Instagram Stories?

A video is a window to the future. Just the facts.
In other words, people want to be amused. People’s attention is quickly grabbed and kept through video.
Instagram is looking for active users. Telling tales increases bonding and participation.
The more people who watch your stories, the more valuable you are to Instagram’s algorithm.
The stories you share give your feed—and ultimately, yourself—a new depth.
For accounts with over 10,000 followers, Stories now has a direct link function (swipe up).
Brands and individuals with websites can benefit even more from tales thanks to the direct link.

In What Ways Should You Dish?

Adding additional value and giving people more reasons to follow you can best be done through stories. You now have the opportunity to provide your audience with more than just words and photos. This is an extra space for you to share knowledge, encourage others, and promote yourself and your work. Unlike a curated portfolio, tales give you greater leeway to show off your personality while still sprinkling in useful information.

Uncomfortable Being in Front of the Camera?

In Time, You’ll Adapt
Many people experience anxiety when they are put in front of a camera. True or false? Jodie and I were both really anxious at first. But you learn to adapt. It’s as though we’re having a conversation with close friends now.

Training Improves Performance

Although I believe that practise makes perfect, I also believe that perfection is unnecessary. The more genuine you are, the more compelling your narratives will be. People who seek professional content just watch TV. The popularity of reality programmes has even spread to television. Why? People are looking for things that they can relate to and that are genuine. So chill down and enjoy yourself.

Be You
It’s excellent to draw inspiration from other works, but you shouldn’t strive to copy someone else’s style. Simply act naturally.

Small Steps

If you’re feeling anxious, take things slowly at first. Turn the camera away from you at first and simply talk. Once you’ve gotten used to it, it’s time to get the courage to switch the camera around. Alternating between the two of us is fun. We chat to the camera around half the time and show off our surroundings, projects, or view the other half.

To avoid unnecessary stress, just relax

Let things develop naturally. That way, you can get more out of it. People are more likely to want to be around you when you’re enthusiastic about anything you’re doing. If you’re having fun, your viewers will have a far better time watching you.
Advice That Will Make Your Instagram Stories Better

Narrate a Tale

Treat your narratives like short films if you want your audience to stay interested and involved. Since your narratives will play out sequentially, like a slideshow or movie, you should strive for cohesion and authenticity.

Seek Opinions from Your Fans

You couldn’t ask for a better spot to strike up a chat. You are serving two purposes at once. Follower input is priceless, and engaging your audience helps you connect with them. Talking to someone is the best way to get to know them. The most devoted fans can be found where two people have close personal ties.


In other words, people want to be amused. Use your wits, goof off, and originality. Put yourself out there. Allow people to see you as you truly are.

Contribute Something Useful

In addition to the fun, please provide some wisdom. Share some wisdom with your devotees. Help them out by providing them with useful information or insight.

Make a request of the reader

You put forth a lot of effort to make the information interesting. What are you planning to do now that you have the attention of your followers? Make them do something. To produce whatever it is you desire, direct them to your company website, blog, or shop.

Closing Statement

Still not telling tales? Believe it’s not right for you.

Come around, please.

If you’re just wasting time on Instagram, you can spice things up with the help of stories. If you’re an influencer, aspiring influencer, or utilising Instagram for business and you’re not using Instagram Stories, you’re leaving money on the table.

You might as well only be playing half out. And the future seems to hold nothing but confirmation of this. It’s more proof that those who are adaptable to change will prosper.

We hope this post will help you maximise the potential of Instagram Stories, whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or have been thinking about diving in.