How To Boost Your Instagram Engagement?

No of your experience level or the number of followers you’ve amassed, it’s bound to cause you some anxiety at some time.

After all, engagement isn’t some inconsequential indicator; it’s also a financial one. Making money off of your online presence is easier if more people actually view and engage with your material.

But what can be done if sales begin to decline?

The days of just posting on Instagram and include a call to action and relevant hashtags are long gone.

If you want to work with Instagram’s algorithm and increase your engagement rate, you need immediately begin adopting the following six tactics.

How To Get More Likes and Followers On Instagram?

You need to provide your audience with a compelling rationale for taking action on your material.

Always focus on the value you can bring to the table, whether that be through entertainment, news, or education.

Plann post questions to keep in mind while writing

Where is the worth? Why should my fans care about this?

You may use this line of reasoning to make more impactful writing. Your followers will feel inspired or motivated, which will result in an increase in likes, shares, and saves.

Let’s discuss a real-world scenario.

Suppose you’re a blogger on assignment in Paris.

Second, publish a carousel with a description explaining the ideal times and places to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower.

The initial update gives your followers zero opportunities to interact with you. from your closest pals, but nobody will really care enough to share your post.

However, the second comment is helpful. You’ve just helped someone out with their Paris travel plans with the details you’ve provided. You may boost your Instagram followers by bookmarking this article for future reference.

Upgrade Your Carousel Content

Currently, photo dumps are quite popular on Instagram.

Users can upload unedited video from their week or month and share them with others.

Are you, however, ignoring the promotional potential of carousel posts?

It’s the ideal format for you to hook your followers, tell a narrative, and increase interaction with the opportunity to add 10 photographs or videos.

Create Unique Image Quotations

Something about quotations has a powerful draw on the World Wide Web.

When Tumblr and MySpace were at their peak, users frequently posted inspirational quotations. The introduction of Pinterest catapulted the fad to new heights. It has now gained traction on other social networking sites, and its popularity shows no signs of abating.

Repurposing tweets into Instagram feed postings is the latest iteration of Instagram’s quotation trend.

What’s even better?

Not even having a Twitter account is required.

Use one of Canva’s premade templates by just logging in.

Engaging your audience with quotations may be done in three ways:

First, cite a famous phrase that has inspired you.

Secondly, include a quotation that you or someone else can relate to.

Third, offer some guidance that will be useful to your target demographic.

The most important thing is to pick something that will make your followers want to bookmark it or share it.
Put up feed posts and Instagram reels using the collaborative features.

The Instagram Collab functionality is like pressing the “10” button on the “tag an account on a post” function.

Invited accounts will see the collaborative feed post or Reel on both of their profiles.

And what does that imply?

Increase Instagram comments by a factor of two.

The more people that see the content because of your views, likes, comments, saves, and shares, the better.

When using Collab, how do you do it?

Create brand agreements with others.

Participate in a giveaway as a co-host.

Encourage teamwork in the workplace.

The two accounts (commercial and personal) can work together.

Mention someone who has inspired you or supported you in some manner, whether they are a friend, family member, or colleague.

In Instagram Stories, use the “Add Yours” sticker

You may boost your Instagram interaction in other locations outside just your posts and Reels.

Go check out the “Add Yours” sticker on Instagram Stories. It’s a fun approach to start a competition with your target demographic and, who knows, maybe even go viral.

Want some inspiration?

Plant nursery: Have your fans and followers recommend their favourite houseplant to you.

If you’re an influencer in the travel industry, ask your fans to share photos from their favourite country.

Fashion company: Have your followers use one of your products to create an outfit.

Plus, there’s more.

Use the additional Stickers while making Instagram Stories to boost interaction. Put together a survey, query, or test for your target market.

All of these are simple methods for increasing participation and converting casual visitors into devoted followers.

Publish Content When People Are Online

Seeking the least time-consuming and most effortless approach to boosting your Instagram following?

Publish when people are most likely to see it and read it. Research suggests that 7 a.m. is the sweet spot for Instagram posts. That time isn’t convenient for everyone, though.

You need to gauge your target demographic to determine the optimal time to deliver your presentation.

Where do you even begin? Without a doubt, with Plann!

You may choose “when your audience is most online” as the time to publish your scheduled post. The tool analyses your top-performing posts and determines when you’re most likely to get the most engagement.

Planned Posts Can Boost Instagram Engagement

Are you prepared to get out of your Instagram rut and give your profile a makeover?

Plan your Instagram posts in advance by signing up for Plann Pro’s free 7-day trial now.

Faster engagement with your feed updates, Instagram stories, and Reels means more potential customers seeing your brand.