The Instagram Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without In 2022

When putting together your Instagram marketing technology stack, it’s crucial to have software that can help you with the following five tasks: research, content development, campaign management, data analysis, and optimisation.

This compilation of Instagram resources follows this guiding philosophy. Each suggestion has been tagged with a “best for” group so you can quickly see what problem it solves. Please begin.

HubSpot’s social media management platform has all the bells and whistles you could want. HubSpot is an all-in-one social media management system that allows you to organise your campaigns, analyse their efficacy, and fine-tune your approach.

Here are three of the platform’s basic characteristics that make it a social media powerhouse, however it delivers a plethora of tools that cover all areas of conducting a successful Instagram marketing campaign.

Observing Society, First

Hubspot’s social media management features include the capacity to make “streams.” These are specialised profiles created for listening to discussions on a certain social network.

You may configure streams to monitor certain keywords, rivals, and brand mentions.

Setting up a competitor stream to monitor how successful your rival’s Instagram posts and ads are is just one example. This implies that you’ll be able to see the most popular postings from your rivals in a separate “stream” within your dashboard.

You may use this dashboard to see how your rivals are doing in terms of engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly. Hubspot will label as “Likely Boosted” any social media content that a competitor has paid to promote reach of their organic audience.

Partakers of Content

Hubspot’s dashboard is where you can instantly publish content, schedule posts for a later time, or set up a preset schedule that you can tweak down to the minute.

Hubspot also has a “publish like a human” tool that may automatically modify the times your posts are made.

As an alternative to using the Hubspot dashboard, the company also provides a “social Chrome extension.” This function allows you to prearrange and release social media posts from within your browser.


Social media posts may be marked as marketing assets in Hubspot and linked to certain marketing initiatives. As a result, you will be able to connect user activity on your website directly to their social media posts. The success of your Instagram marketing efforts in terms of new business leads can now be easily evaluated.

For instance, the “New Contacts Report” dashboard displays the total number of HubSpot contacts generated via social media-influenced website visits.

The analytics platform presents data visualisations of engagement metrics and performance indicators. Community analytics, profile analysis, and benchmark-based comparison analysis are just some of the extra tools available to users.

Adobe Lightroom is a potent photo editor that may be used on a PC or mobile device.

This system was built to accommodate the processes of serious photographers. Therefore, this may be the ideal choice if sophisticated picture editing tools are what you seek.

The ability to create albums and catalogues for your photographs makes this a fantastic image management tool as well. Images can be further categorised by rating, flagging, and colouring.

The Instagram business dashboard is a set of tools provided to all Instagram business and professional accounts at no cost.

The “Account Insights” section is the most helpful part of this free programme. Here you may monitor your reach, interaction, and follows.

For instance, users may examine the demographics of their audience, the level of interaction with their posts, and the reach of certain pieces of content.

Despite its no-cost nature, the professional dashboard is packed with insights that may make or break your Instagram advertising.

Ideal for keeping tabs on and analysing performance.

Creating a Marketing Toolbox for Instagram

There’s something on this list that can help promote your company, whether you’re a one-person operation, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large multinational.

Plus, you can sign up for a free trial, so there’s really no danger involved in giving it a shot.

There is, therefore, nothing preventing you from doing so. Launch your Instagram marketing campaign and begin assembling your tools.