A Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Over Instagram

Do you want to have an Instagram takeover, but you don’t know where to begin? Everything you need to know to successfully take over Instagram is right here.
Instagram may be the most fertile ground for social media marketing partnerships. Some influencers may earn thousands of dollars for a single post referencing a brand’s goods, and sponsored content features provide an entirely new market for such deals.

Brands may benefit greatly from working with individuals who already have established relationships and credibility among their target demographic by having them take over their Instagram accounts in exchange for compensation.

What are Instagram takeovers, how do they function, what are the advantages, and what are the best practises for companies to follow to ensure that their takeovers are a smashing success? All these questions and more will be answered in this piece.

The Instagram Takeover: What Is It?

A brand will collaborate with an influencer, creative, or competing brand to “take over” the account and post on it exclusively for a limited time on Instagram.

Some accounts will only share one post before switching to the user’s Stories. In the case of others, several feed posts will be posted all at once.

What is the procedure for a takeover on Instagram?

You won’t even have to give up access to your money or accounts.

With an Instagram takeover, the other host company can share the influencer’s content. (Here are some suggestions for locating the ideal Instagram influencer for your company if you’re in the market for influencers.)

Takeovers usually last for roughly 24 hours. Both parties actively promote them to boost their profile.

While many influencers are compensated monetarily for their efforts, others may do it for free if doing so grants them access to free products or helps them grow their own audience.

Instagram Takeovers Have Their Advantages

For successful Instagram accounts, taking over another’s account is a no-brainer because of all the perks they may get.

Let’s analyse the primary benefits of Instagram takeovers.

Bring in fresh customers

You may negotiate for the individual who is taking over your account to also advertise it on their account as part of the arrangement. The result may be that some of their readers come over to your site.

Additionally, the content in their Stories may be shared, exposing you to their audience, which may include people in your network who you haven’t met yet.

Raise curiosity and participation by making the topic more interesting

The novelty and novelty’s novelty of the new and distinct piques the curiosity. Even though I wasn’t familiar with the influencer who was featured in the takeover, I still checked it out to see what it was all about.

Diversify your viewership

There is always an opportunity to expand your audience when you may introduce your content and account to new people. In order to capitalise on this publicity, you should urge the influencer to recommend their audience follow your company so they can “catch all of my postings!”

Build your reputation

Working with other credible accounts in your field may do wonders for your company’s reputation.

People are more likely to give you a chance if a credible third party endorses you and even temporarily associates their brand with yours.

Plan Your Efforts

To achieve “all your aims” through a social media takeover, it is necessary to have clear objectives.

Consider the merits we have outlined. Which one do you think should take precedence?

Putting your optimization objectives in writing might help you stay focused and make sure you’re doing the necessary actions to reach them.

Choose Your Overlord Host

Obviously, picking the right host for your takeover is crucial.
When selecting a host, you should keep the following in mind.

Are you looking to collaborate with another company or an influencer?

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing influential people, but in the final half of this essay, we’ll take a look at a takeover that was orchestrated by a different company.

Although their reach may be greater, influencers tend to be more expensive. Many other companies would be pleased to help you out with this at no cost. There is also the possibility of collaborating on other types of fun activities, such as contests.

To what extent do you seek exposure?

Finding an influencer with at least 20,000 followers and a somewhat active audience is essential if you want to gain 15,000 new followers. However, additional options present themselves if you’re OK with a few thousand impressions.

Who do you think your current followers would enjoy seeing?

For example, clients of a boutique gym would appreciate a day spent with a healthy culinary instructor. 

Set the Timeframe for the Takeover

How long do you plan on maintaining control?

In most cases, a takeover will only last for a day or a few hours at most. The number of posts you want to see from the influencer and how often they will be published is up for negotiation.

Push the Acquisition

You should start advertising the takeover well before it occurs.

Feature the influencer in an in-feed post and inform your audience of the takeover’s time and content, and repeat the process in your Stories. On the day of the event, have the influencer make a public announcement on their own material.

After the takeover is done, you can promote it by linking to the highlight with the preserved material in your Stories and sharing the posts from the takeover.