Is It Effective to Use Instagram Pods to Get More Likes?

The sequence in which posts appear in your home feed has been shuffled by Instagram’s algorithm recently.

In other words, Instagram’s algorithm now takes precedence over your preferences and the sequence in which photos were posted in your feed in order to provide you the content it believes you’ll “care about most.”

Instagram announced the change to their algorithm in March 2017: We are working to improve your experience by prioritising certain events in your feed.

What do you believe the universal measures of “caring” are, and why do you think Instagram uses them? factors such as “chance you’ll be interested in the material,” “connection with the person posting,” and “recentness”

Some Instagram users have seen a decline in post interaction as a result of the update and attribute it to the new algorithm; in response, they’ve begun implementing measures they hope will help them overcome the downward pull of the platform’s ranking system.

Joining a “Instagram pod” is one way to bypass the algorithm.

How do Instagram “pods” even function?

There are a few names for Instagram groups. The term “Instagram engagement group,” for instance, may come up in conversation.

A group of Instagram users that are willing to like and comment on each other’s pictures is known as a “Instagram pod.”

If you’re an Instagram user, joining a pod will put you in touch with a group of people who share your interest in providing mutual support.

They show support for one another by like and commenting on postings. They anticipate that this will help postings remain in the algorithm’s good graces, allowing them to be seen by more of their followers.

Instructions for creating a Instagram pod

Setting up an Instagram pod may be done in a variety of different ways. Your first step should be to make contact with people who share your interest in the same field.

Inviting businesses who have brands that are complementary to your own could be done on an individual basis.

Some users want to recruit new members for their pod in a more open manner. As an example, one Instagram user asked the public on Quora, “Who wants to join an Instagram pod inside the health and fitness niche?”

Some people prefer a more discreet approach to group formation on Instagram, approaching potential members with direct messages asking if they’d be interested in joining a pod.

Getting into an already Instagram pod

Because of their restricted nature, Instagram pods might be difficult to locate. They can be in the form of secret Facebook groups or Instagram direct messages that users can’t find by searching for them. Often, only individuals who are particularly well-suited to the issue at hand are invited.
You can find additional public requests to join a pod on Instagram by doing a search, but there are also alternative ways to do so. Because of the offline nature of Instagram relationships, one method to boost your chances of finding or getting invited to a pod is to network often with businesses like yours that use Instagram.

It’s also a good idea to interact with competing companies on Instagram to raise awareness of both your company and your Instagram account. This doesn’t imply you have to show support for your rivals by like their content, though; you may also discover non-competitors in the same area.

If you’re a real estate agent looking to expand your online presence via Instagram, one good strategy is to maintain consistent communication with local interior designers. Those in charge of pods are more likely to invite people they already know and trust. Some Facebook groups that function as pods, for instance, only accept new members who have been recommended by the group’s existing members.

For what reasons should one enter a pod?

The primary advantage of joining an Instagram pod is that more of your followers will see your posts in their feeds, which is also the pod’s primary goal. However, there are other advantages to joining an Instagram pod.

Among these is participation in one’s local community. You’re a part of a community of individuals that are rooting for one other to achieve Instagram and commercial success.

The disadvantages of becoming a member of a pod

Toying with the system

There are others who don’t think it’s proper to join a pod. Somehow, it doesn’t feel like a very authentic thing to do,” one Instagram travel blogger (who asked that her identity remain anonymous) said to me.

We did not join Instagram with the intention of learning how to manipulate the system so that our photos would be seen to more users.

The need for attention, popularity, and exposure is understandableā€¦

These techniques make it look as though you’re only interacting with the target audience superficially; they’re not intended to foster actual connection.

Injurious to Your Image

Charlie Terry advises Instagram users that participating in “pods” is not the greatest way to get followers and likes in the long run. He defined an Instagram pod as “basically a false engagement.

You should exercise caution if the account is a commercial one because doing so might have lasting consequences for your relationship.

Instead of trying to create a phoney community that has no actual value, it would be more effective to connect with them in a natural way and work to cultivate a group of devoted, interested individuals.

Using a social media management tool is the most efficient method for keeping up with comments and having meaningful interactions on Instagram.