5 Guidelines to Boost Your Visual Social Media Strategy

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the use of social media platforms has rapidly surpassed all other forms of physical association. Having a conversation via social media is equivalent to having one in person. Marketers and celebrities are taking advantage of the online community to increase their visibility by engaging in personal brand promotion.

Social media brand promotion is all about getting your name out there, so it pays to have a cutting-edge plan in place. Follow these 5 steps to enhance your social media visual strategy and provide a better online experience for your followers.

1. Developing an initial visual strategy for social media

You need to know where you want to take your brand before you can use social media to get there. Identify your ideal reader, social media platform, and end result.

Define brand-specific relevance and timelines with specific, attainable goals. In a nutshell, your social media activity should serve the sole purpose of spreading the word about your company.

Finding your brand’s ideal customers is the next step in using content marketing to generate leads after setting objectives. In this way, you can reach your target audience (prospects or current customers) with content that is directly related to your business through the best possible social media channels.

Maintain your fan base by treating your supporters like extended family and responding to their comments and questions.

2. Add a logo or photo of your head to your profile.

Your choice of profile picture should reflect both your personality and your profession. A company’s logo, rather than the owner’s photo, is the obvious choice for promotional purposes.

Get in touch with a designer to make logo graphics that will work across all of the social networks you plan to use. The designer will adjust the dimensions of the image so that it looks the same on all devices without distorting the details.

However, a headshot is ideal if you are an influential person seeking to promote yourself as a social brand. To set up your profile page in the same way as described above, just follow those steps. The profile page is meant to serve as a quick identifier, so it makes sense to use a well-known image.

3. Make sure your profile picture and cover photo go well together

Your landing page is the first impression people will get of your social media presence, so make it count. It’s absurd to put a pricey gold knocker on a cardboard door. Since the cover photo serves as a backdrop for the profile picture, it’s important that the two photos go well together.

The brand logo from the profile picture can be used for the cover photo, or similar graphics that are both appealing and informative can be used instead.

When combined with a profile picture, infographics depicting products or concepts related to what you do can make for an effective advertisement banner, which can be uploaded as a cover photo. The aesthetic quality of your page will improve as a result of your efforts to bring these two elements into harmony. You might need the assistance of a graphic designer to accomplish this.

4. Make sure the pictures you use complement your brand

Create a concept and theme to direct your image selections for maximum audience participation. Combine social media tools, such as Instagram hashtags, with images that depict your brand’s products and values.

If you’re trying to promote a perfume, showing pictures of flowers will make the viewer happy and give them the impression of a sweet aroma.

As long as you’re consistent, you’re free to switch up the images you use across your various social media profiles. Pick images that convey the spirit of your brand and have a common theme.

If flowers are going to be used as part of your brand’s visual identity, stay true to that idea throughout. If you want your social media brand presence to have the most impact, you need to use relevant images.

5. Put out only top-notch material

If you want your social media content to be read, it needs to be short, punchy, and easy to understand. You want it to be useful and engaging enough that people want to tweet it and share it with their followers. Never settle for amateur content creators; instead, invest in expert content writers through reputable content services. Getting the best punchlines, most compelling calls to action, and most viral text should be your top priority.

If you want to quickly and easily gain as many followers as possible, sharing is the way to go. Instruct your PR staff to keep this in mind as they craft brand-aware content with a broader social message.